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Most important factor in selling our business is to report ALL of our cash two (2) years before selling. Value of a business is in direct relation to the net income it generates. It also affects how much a buyer is willing to pay, and how much a lender is willing to lend.

Income from tax returns, POS (point of sale) credit card statements, and bank deposits is the only verifiable income sources that a buyer and lender will accept.

If a business owner fails to report $50,000 cash with a tax bracket of 28%, their tax liability is $14,000. If that business is valued at 2x cash flow, they just lost $84,000!  (100,000 value – $14,000 tax liability = $84,000 loss).

Here’s a more profound example: I just closed on a business where the seller had to reduce the price of her business by $210,000 because she hid $20,000 from the IRS, which had a tax liability of only $6,000.  Yes, lost $210,000 by saving $6,000! The unreported cash skewed her debt-service-coverage-ratios. Price had to be discounted by $210,000 in order to increase the DSCR to the standard. May sound confusing, but that’s the gist.

Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish… report your cash!

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