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If you die, will your business die with you?  If the answer is “Yes”, you may not have a sellable business. That’s the first thing I ask a business owner.

Don’t fret, this is common and is part of my two year exit strategy. Simply hire someone to replace yourself, a manager or practitioner.  If there’s not enough revenue to replace yourself, then the business is not sellable anyway. Selling a book of business can be fruitful, yet not to the magnitude of a self-running business.

Last week I consulted with a surgeon who earns over $1.25 Million per year, net. She has no other surgeons on staff, no nurse practitioners, and no PAs. Her staff is nurses and physician assistants. Although her practice is very profitable, it has limited salability in its current state. My suggestion was to hire a fellow or younger surgeon or two to carry on the practice. Now a buyer can purchase the business without having to be hands on. This could increase the value of the business from $1 Million to perhaps $4 Million.

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