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Preparing your Business for Sale – A Series


Before we trade in our car, we wash & wax it in an attempt to get the highest possible price. But business owners don’t always do that. I’m invited in to only find the Burger King wrappers on the floor, figuratively speaking. This Series will address the necessary measures to start implementing two (2) years prior to selling.

Part I: Report ALL your cash (most important of all!)

Part II: Replace yourself

Part III: Fire your relatives (with caveats)

Part IV: Show as much income as possible by reducing your expenses

Part V: Secure a long term lease

Part VI: Keep good books (hire a CPA, and get a second look)

Part VII: Sell when you’re making more money than you ever thought you’d make

Part VII: Call Business Broker Tom Brubaker for an analysis to prepare for later 813.493.2913

Tom Brubaker