Strategies for Maximizing ROI on Your Real Estate

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Trying to make a sale while maximizing ROI on your real estate.

When dealing with commercial real estate, it is only right to expect the best possible return on investment. After all, it is not cheap to get involved in the field. A proper payout can be the difference between satisfying profits that let you continue in the business and having to look elsewhere. So, let’s take a look at strategies for maximizing ROI on your real estate!

Invest in the right real estate

The best way to approach maximizing ROI on your real estate is to work towards it from the start. Naturally, this includes the initial purchase of real estate you wish to invest in. If you own some real estate, you are ahead of the curve since you do not need the initial investment. However, this limits you somewhat since you do not have control over where it is located regarding popular city areas and local amenities. By ensuring that your real estate is in a prime location, you maximize profits beyond any initial investment costs.



Sometimes, a commercial property on the ‘outskirts’ is an advantage.

Know how to market your real estate

Naturally, another essential part of maximizing ROI on your real estate is knowing how to market it best. Here, you have several different approaches available. They somewhat depend on whether you are looking to make someone buy or lease a commercial property. If you understand their thought processes, you can better approach your marketing. A smart thing to do regardless, however, is to use the internet to your advantage.


Prepare a good portfolio for your property and leverage both official listings and your social media. This way, you can drum up a lot more attention than you would otherwise. Even if you plan to work with professionals on the advertisement, you will provide them with more to work with by having some promotional material ready.

Make the right renovation investments

It is relatively rare that you can just put a commercial property back on the market and expect to turn a profit. In other words, it will require some alterations and investments before it’s ready. However, picking the sort of renovations you want to do needs to be approached carefully. First, it is best that they be fixed if the property has any major issues. Not doing so means losing a ton of your potential profits. The second thing you want to do is look for simple fixes that bring considerable profits. A good example would be a fresh coat of paint, replacing outlets and similar throughout the property to make it more visually appealing, etc.

Work with professionals to get your real estate on the market

We mentioned already how vital working with professionals is. Less so if you are planning to rent, of course. But, if you want to sell your commercial real estate, their usefulness is unparalleled. They can drum up interest far better than you because they have access to connections you do not. In addition, their advice will be invaluable during the planning and renovation phases. They know the market, have seen similar properties on it, and understand exactly what needs to be done to make your property extremely competitive.

Make the property appealing to renters

If you want to rent out your property, then you also need to consider things from the point of view of a renter. Someone looking for a commercial property to rent likely wants to move in quickly. As such, offering some furniture and appliances for them to use will most likely appeal to them immensely. This is especially true when discussing office space.


A speedy move means they can avoid losing much of their productivity and time. For the same reason, you can look into local amenities that can help you provide a smoother move-in experience. For example, renting storage in Florida is done by finding a safe unit in the area for the renters. This way, they can leave their stuff and then slowly move it in. And on the plus side, you can use the storage unit to put your own things if the new renters don’t want them.


Even basic furnishing can make a commercial rental more appealing.

Organize online viewings too

If it wasn’t obvious when we mentioned the uses of the internet, your main goal is increased outreach. Not everyone can set aside the time to visit your property personally, after all. And yet everyone wants some assurance that the place they are planning to rent or buy is actually in good condition. By playing into this desire, the benefits of virtual tours are made evident since they make your property more appealing than your competitors. In fact, not offering virtual tours can swing in the other direction. And actually make it seem like you are trying to hide the real condition of your property.

Be realistic with your asking price

Even though maximizing ROI on your real estate is your goal, you must never allow your wishes to blind you. As the marketing experts from like to point out, sometimes, setting a reasonable price from the start earns you a more significant profit in the end. If you go in asking for a ridiculous price from the beginning, you might make potential buyers and renters back out. It is much better to increase interest in your property and let them raise the price to ‘unreasonable’ levels through their bidding rather than push for it yourself. Besides, a ‘reasonable’ price should always be a profit for you, regardless.



Of course, some properties are so appealing they command ridiculous prices.

Allow time to do its job

The final step of maximizing your real estate ROI is being patient. You cannot expect to put your property on the market or the renting lists and expect someone to immediately snatch it up. Especially if you want to get the best possible payout from it. Just like when trying to sell a business, you need to wait for the right offer. Your impatience might cost you money when a better offer could have been just around the corner! Of course, do not go to the opposite extreme and refuse to sell forever, either.

Final word

So, the strategies for maximizing ROI on your real estate are based around making your property as appealing as possible. In turn, this will appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. With a dash of patience to this and a proper plan in mind, you can absolutely get a satisfying price for your commercial property!

Adam Brubaker